Geometry Bee

The 2014 Geometry Bee is set to take place in the Harvest Park Multi-Purpose Room on May 30th, 2014 starting from 6:00 p.m.

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What is the Pleasanton Geometry Bee?

The Pleasanton Geometry Bee is an annual event taking place in May. The qualifier event, which happens in late April or early May, is open to all students through 9th grade in Pleasanton who are currently taking or have previously taken Geometry. The top scorers from the qualifier round are invited to a live invitational, where the students advance through multiple rounds of challenging geometry problems in a chance to win the title of Pleasanton Geometry Bee Champion. Contestants at the annual Pleasanton Geometry Bee usually represent both of Pleasanton's high schools and all three of Pleasanton's middle schools.

The Geometry Bee was established to recognize and award developing math talent among the middle schools and freshmen class, and to encourage qualified math students in continuing to pursue competitive and recreational mathematics throughout high school.

The qualifier round is distributed to every Honors Geometry class, and for students meeting the requirement of being a freshman or younger but not in Honors Geometry, there will be opportunities at local math clubs to take the qualifier round. Once grading has been finished, around the top 25 participants will receive an invitation via email to attend the invitational round.

What is the format?

The invitational round will have three rounds with ten questions each. You will be presented one problem at a time, with a certain time limit on each problem. Scoring is based off of number of problems solved correctly on each round.

All students start out in Division I. At the end of each round, higher scoring students will stay in Division I; other students move to Division II. At the conclusion of the tournament, all students will be awarded; in addition, we present additional awards for students remaining in Division I, the top scorer of Division II, and top three scorers of Division I. We will also have a raffle for other awards for all students participating.

We'd like to thank the following organizations for sponsoring this contest.

Links to past rounds and results are posted below.