List of Math Competitions

For students of the math team wishing to be on the competitive side of the math team, competitions in which past students from Amador Valley have participated in are listed below. There is also a difficulty rating, from one star to five stars, with one star being a good introduction to competitive math and five stars for the top math students around the nation. Please keep in mind that on any of these competitions, receiving even 50% of the total possible score is considered an extraordinary achievement, and most top students nationwide do not even receive close to 90% of the total possible score, which makes math competition tests unique from standard math class tests.

CAML (*) (California Math League) is a monthly competition consisting of six questions with a time limit of thirty minutes. Beginning math competitors will find this competition a doable challenge. More information can be found here.

FSE (*) (Fall Startup Event) is a collection of 100 problems straight from your standard math textbook, with a strict 30 minute time limit. This competition is intended to be more fun than competitive. More information is located here.

Geometry Bee (**) is a local competition held by Amador Valley for students in 9th grade and under. The level of this competition depends on the participants' performances in the preliminary round, usually around the harder AMC 8 and mid-AMC 10 level. More information can be found here.

NCCQM (**) (Northern California Championships Qualifying Meet) is run by It occurs monthly, each at a location around the Bay Area. Around 100 students participate at each meet. Amador Valley holds one of these competitions each year. Beginning math competitors will be strongly challenged by these tests - comparable to mid-AMC 10 and AMC 12 level. More information can be found here.

Mandelbrot Competition (**) is an offsite competition that can be taken at Harvest Park, similar to the AMC's. The regional level is no longer occurring. For more information, visit here.

SMT (** to ****) (Stanford Math Tournament) is one of the largest West Coast competitions, usually having over 300 competitors.. The Pleasanton Math League sends teams to the competition and has had teams place top 10 in the last few competitions. The difficulty of the general test is approximately harder AMC 10 and AMC 12 level, while the difficulty of subject tests range from easy to hard AIME level. More information can be found here.

AMC 10/12 (**) (American Mathematics Competitions 10 and 12) are the most prestigious set of math competition tests around the United States. Around 100,000 to 200,000 students participate each year. Top colleges around the United States usually have you submit your score from these competitions. More information on these contests as well as practice problems can be found here and on the Art of Problem Solving website.

NIMO (** to ****) (National Internet Math Olympiad) is a competition founded by the 2010 California Mathcounts team. The winter competition have the teams given proof-based questions to be solved within a time limit. The summer competition is an individual competition racing to solve up to 15 increasingly difficult problems against the clock. For more information, visit here.

BMT (***) (Berkeley Math Tournament) is a recently founded tournament by UC Berkeley. Around 100 to 200 students participated in the last tournament. The Pleasanton Math League placed 5th in the most recent tournament. The difficulty of the individual test is approximately that of mid-AMC 10 to mid-AIME level. More information can be found here.

ARML (***) (American Regionals Math League) is the largest onsite math competition with four locations around the United States. The location that Bay Area participates in is at the UN Las Vegas. Around 1,000 students participate each year. Amador Valley has had students on the top Bay Area team receive awards. Difficulty is comparable to the early to mid-AIME leveled questions, although time pressure is much more significant. More information on the contest itself can be found here, and information on teams that the Bay Area sends to the competition can be found here.

CHMMC (*** to ****) (Caltech Harvey Mudd Math Competition) is another recently founded competition hosted in South California by Caltech and Harvey Mudd College. Approximately 150 students participated last year. Difficulty ranges from early to late AIME level. Amador Valley has had students place in the top 10. For more information, visit this link.

HMMT (****) (Harvard-MIT Math Tournament) is a competition located on the East Coast. It is the largest onsite math tournament with a single location. Around 1,000 students participate annually, including students from other countries such as China. Difficulty is comparable to the hard AIME level - the official website recommends participants to be able to solve at least 6 questions on the AIME to be comfortable with solving a problem on the HMMT Individual Round. For more information, visit here.

AIME (*** to ****)
 (American Invitational Mathematics Exam) is the set of exams after qualifying through an exceptional score on the AMC 10 or AMC 12. Last year, approximately 5,000 students qualified for the AIME from the AMC pool. Amador Valley has around 10 qualifiers each year. For more information, visit the AMC link.

USA(J)MO (*****) (United States of America (Junior) Math Olympiad) is a test distributed to students with a high AMC and AIME combined index. In recent years, Amador Valley has had students qualify for the USA(J)MO and perform strongly, scoring around top 50 nationwide. For more information, visit the AMC link.

Sample problems of each level can be found here.